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RedEye Biomedical R&D technology

We Focuses on Optical detection technology

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We apply our technology in more fields

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What we do

RedEye Biomedical (Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc.) was founded in Hsinchu in 2017 and entered Hsinchu science park in 2019. We focus on optical detection techniques and delve into some fields including Smart health, Food safety, and Environment protection.

The entry point of RedEye’s technology belongs to trace blood sensitivity, and more urine detection parameters related optical techniques, such as urine sugar, urine protein, uric acid, ketone bodies, and so on will be introduced in the future, and develop products that do not require any chemical use. With the members of research and development as the main operating point, cross-domain integration of optics, institutions, electronics, software, and biological, to create home use detection products.

RedEye Milestone

RedEye Visions

RedEye, a brand that is in the name of love and born to love, focuses on developing products related to Smart health, Food safety, and Environment protection.
RedEye has expertise in optical detection techniques.
We aim for protecting people‘s health and being friendly to the environment.
RedEye‘s products are all made in Taiwan and a higher additional value has been created. We strengthen our partnership to realize the goals of being healthy and being sustainable.